what is a gaia wishlist?

A gaia wishlist is similar to an online gift registry. You can send it to family members and friends and use it as a shopping list to keep track of the products you would like to buy.

You can create your own very special wishlist with us at www.gaiaorganiccotton.com.au. It’s a great idea for everyone involved - your friends and family will love knowing they are buying you something you really want and for you, well,...you will just  love all of your special gifts!  

Start your wishlist in time before your baby shower - or you can even have a wishlist going for upcoming birthdays or Christmas.

how does it work?

It’s very simple to use - first of all create an account here.

Then login to your account and click on "wishlist" in the left menu. Here you create as many wishlists as you like.

Then start window shopping! You can add products by visiting a product page and clicking “add to wishlist.”

To share your wishlist with your loved ones, click on your wishlist inside your account, click the "Share" link on the right, then copy and paste the web page address to your loved ones!

Your wishlist will show which items have been purchased so you shouldn’t receive duplicate gifts.