live righteously

I’m a little in love with Jason Mraz’s music at the moment and the lyrics from his song Live High resonate with me.

Live high, live mighty, live righteously…

For me (although I’m pretty sure his reference is different), it’s a mantra to be mindful in all my ways each and every day – mindful as a mother; protecting, nurturing, loving and inspiring my children, and mindful to be kind to the earth and to live as sustainably as possible.

It reminds me why I love my business and why I love its name.


Gaia is the Ancient Greek goddess for Mother Earth. From her fertile womb all life sprang.

The name was also used by Doctor James Lovelock in the 1960s in his theory on the natural cycles working together to keep the earth healthy and support life.

Lovelock claims human activity has pushed gaia to its limit.

We cannot ignore that our daily actions have impact. It is this responsibility, as well as my love for design and creating beautiful organic cotton babywear for your babes to wear, that inspires me.

The name gaia reminds me of our need to protect Mother Earth.

In my work and my life, gaia is a daily motivation to be environmentally and socially responsible.

It is my way of gifting future generations with the most precious treasure I can …a beautiful, healthy earth to inherit.

Thank you so much for helping me and gaia nurture our world and its babes. Together we are creating a brighter today and tomorrow.

X Annette

who made my clothes

We are joining the Fashion Revolution, a global movement to raise awareness about the true cost of fashion. On 24 April 2013, 1133 people were killed and over 2500 injured when the Rana Plaza factory complex collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Sadly social and environmental catastrophes in the fashion supply chains continue. That’s why we are speaking up and helping to spread the word that change is possible. We want to celebrate all those involved in creating a more sustainable future for fashion. Fashion Revolution Week isn’t until April 2017, but we figure there is no time like the present to raise our voices. We’ve proudly been practising environmentally and socially aware business for 17 years. This week we are inviting you behind the scenes to meet one of our makers.

Proudly Introducing: Mrs Che Su Yan Age: 53 Do you have children?: Yes one.

Are you the main income provider in your family? No.

Describe you education: I finished high school.

What is your role in creating a garment for gaia organic cotton? Quality inspection from beginning to end of production and sampling.

Describe a typical day of work for you? I work 8 hours a day

How did you start working in this industry? When I finished high school I started sewing as I enjoy sewing.

How long have you been in this role: sewing and QC together 35 years.

What is your passion? Creating clothes and sewing.

What is your greatest dream? To own a factory.

How does your work help you live the life you want to? It gives me and my family extra money to enjoy.

organic mum profile

Name: Aimie Orgias

Place you call home: Copacabana , NSW

Mum to: Mika, Mali and Koru

Creator/owner of (business): InRhythm & Inspired Retreats and Events

How was your business born? I created a weekly women’s gathering called The Circle with a friend. It was an opportunity for women to gather together, share their stories and facilitate a workshop sharing their passions and inspiration. Many women came each week and it was a safe space where you could be authentic with how you felt and also a place of inspiration. The last gathering of the term we invited young maidens to join the circle. This gathering created community and strong connections. I decided to create a weekend women’s retreat where we could participate in workshops and circles all weekend. My daughter Mika asked when she could come along and so The Mother Daughter Retreat was born.

Tell us a little about your business… We now run regular retreats including Women’s , Mother Daughter, Mother Son, Drumming and Mindfulness. The retreats are an opportunity to participate in beautiful creative workshops, build connections, relax and experience community living. My husband and I also run a company called InRhythm -we run therapeutic drumming and mindfulness workshops for corporate events, schools, communities and training. Drumming brings you into the present moment allowing you release tension and anxiety. it builds confidence and connection to yourself and to others and it creates community ….and is heaps of fun!!

Passionate about: Being in the moment and enjoying all that life has to offer. I love encouraging others to shine their light. Ultimately I believe we are here to love and be loved.

Your organic life is: Exactly that – allowing life to be organic, natural and going with what is. Enjoying each moment from the sun on my face to those chaotic moments when everything feels crazy – the car is a mess, can’t find something, the kids aren’t getting ready for school. This is a beautiful time in our lives and one big beautiful organic mess.

Must have organic items for mum: Coconut oil, it’s good for everything!

Must have organic items for your little ones: Organic Weetbix – my little Aussie sons love their Weetbix. If I can’t avoid wheat it may as well be organic !

Inspired by your children to: let them teach me as much as I teach them and to love

Blessed by nature when: the sunlight makes its way into the house and shines its light in a beautiful way. I am blessed!

To get in contact with Aimie and to learn more about her retreats visit and go to retreat page . You can also email her on or find her on facebook at Aimie Orgias

helping the earth one stitch at a time, your gaia organic cotton onesie is abundant with your benefits for baby too!

We work diligently to make sure our products are the softest, safest and best quality garments for your little ones to wear. And there’s so much to share about our onesies – as shown in our little diagram!. Certified organic cotton, the best YKK 2 way zippers, responsible production, low impact dyes, it’s all there. Gaia Organic Cotton, made with love, gentle on the skin, kind to the earth.

talk my walk

Gentle by nature is the way of my business and quiet by nature is my way. But I’ve decided it’s time to be a little louder! Time to talk my walk and speak up more about my organic cotton journey, where we have come from, where we are going and what we do at gaia to live up to our core value – integrity.

As Australia’s thought leader in organic cotton babywear, Gaia has proudly been a cornerstone for an industry that is today booming. I remember so fondly the early days, 17 years ago when organic cotton was so completely alternative. 

I had to work hard to inspire and educate people about its benefits – both for baby and the planet. One shop at a time, one baby at a time…and slowly but surely the movement began. 

17 years on, organic cotton is in demand for baby’s clothing here in Australia. I am so proud that Gaia has served as a model for adopting the use of greener materials in fashion! 

It was my love for design coupled with my core need for sustainability that birthed the idea for gaia. The realisation that both fashion and sustainability could work together back then was innovative…and empowering. 

My favourite quote “we didn’t inherit the earth from our grandparents, we are borrowing it from our children” has guided me, while my core value, integrity has motivated and sustained my journey. It’s this very integrity that I’m going to start sharing with you more. 

In the coming weeks you’re going to learn more about Gaia Organic Cotton! From simple facts about the enormous benefits of an organic onesie through to photos of our WRAP factory and the workers who make our gorgeous babywear.

So stay tuned…our voice is breaking.

X Annette and the gaia team