organic mum profile

Name: Sonia Romeyn

Place you call home: North Avoca

Mum to:Sahri (15) Jabin (11) Indali (9)

Creator/owner of (business):Nurtured Earth OrganicsandMother Daughter/Son Retreats and Events ( no set business name yet and it's 4years old!)

How was your business born?Nurtured Earth was born from the desire (and responsibility) to feed my family the very best food as close to nature as possible ( non-toxic). I had no yard to grow food, and a tight budget due to dropping to a single income! I had to become creative and resourceful! The business started as a co-op with a friend within our Steiner playgroup and it then evolved slowly over 11 years and gained a business partner 3 years ago.

The retreat business was born with a beautiful sista and her daughter. We wanted to create life long memories with our own daughters and support others in doing the same. To connect through fun, nurturing, and creative experiences. We booked a space- invited friends and it has grown very well from there!

Passionate about:Health - not just regarding the food we eat but also through nourishing the soul through learning, nature, movement, alone time AND community - helping community, connecting community and immersing myself within community.

Your organic life is: Full and messy!

Must have organic items for mum: Apples, clean filtered water and skincare.

Must have organic items for your little ones:In our home it is fruit and veg, clean filtered water, sunscreen and undies! I’m also a little obsessed with healthy yet yummy party food at their birthday parties. (scarring them perhaps!)

Inspired by your children: To be present, smile and take better care of the earth.Also to adapt, create and grow along side them- when they were toddlers I taught kids yoga, then tween yoga and now we are soon to run our first teenage mother and daughter retreat.

Blessed by nature: With the change of the seasons..... enjoying the changing scenery, changing adventures, changing energy, and mostly the changing foods! Blessed for apples in winter then stone fruits in summer! Oooh AND avocado season! 

organic mum profile

This week we profile a local mother of four, Beckie Crumpler and chat to her about her new venture motherHUB - her service offering private midwifery, postnatal support and mother and baby retreats. Beckie is passionate about mothers feeling supported, nurtured and guided  - not judged and pressured. 

Name: Beckie Crumpler

Place you call home: Our little bit of paradise on the Central Coast NSW

Mum to: Sadie (7) Aiden (5) and Elsie and Olive (1)

Creator/owner of (business): MotherHUB. Private midwifery postnatal support and Mother and Baby retreats.

How was your business born? From a desire to use my experience as a mother of 4 and a midwife of 13 years to support and empower other mothers. I feel that too often new mums don’t know where to turn to get unbiased advice and guidance and be able to get continuity of who they turn to and the advice they are given. The retreats have come from a dream to provide a space for mothers to come with their babies to connect, relax, and be empowered. So many mums are isolated and have limited support networks to enable them to have that essential time out, so the retreats provide a space for mums to have ‘me time’ without leaving their babies.

Passionate about: Mothers feeling supported, nurtured and guided not judged and pressured. I believe by connecting, supporting each other and being honest about our stories we can reduce the stress, isolation and anxiety we so often feel as mothers.

Your organic life is: Embracing the chaos…with 4 children I don’t have much choice! And trying to not put too much pressure on myself and setting expectations of myself that are too high.

Must have organic items for mum: Essential oils for our home and medicine cupboard. Skincare for my fast aging, tired skin!

Must have organic items for your little ones: For the children it’s a learning process for me. I’m seeing more and more benefits in stripping back to basics and having natural, unaltered ways of eating, moving and treating illness for me and my family.

Inspired by your children to: Stop and see beauty in the little everyday things. They live in the moment without even being conscious of doing it, and that’s so precious. Life is only complicated when we make it that way. Be the best version of me, believe in myself and follow my heart.

Blessed by nature when: Autumn arrives. It’s my absolute favourite time of year. Autumn colours, chilly mornings and evenings with beautiful warm sunny days. Sitting on the beach in jeans and a t-shirt watching the kids play and evenings with friends, fires and toasted marshmallows.

To contact Beckie you can email her at; head to her insta page Mother.hub or call her on 0434 878772.

good things come in small packages

Good things come in small packages so they say...and so very true for our organic cotton kids undies. Full of goodness for teeny tiny bottoms...check out our diagram to see the benefits.

choosing the best onesie for your baby​

We've all been there, a screaming baby, a cold night and the need for an easy nappy change. Designed to help you out in these delicate moments, all our onesies now have 2 way zips so your babe can stay snug and warm amidst the midnight change. We want only the best for gaia babes and 2 way zips are just the beginning of our onesie story. Check out our diagram ....

organic mum profile

Name: Katie Kempster

Place you call home: Copacabana, Central Coast, NSW

Mum to: Reggie (9) and Anakin (7)

Creator/Owner of (Business): Harmonic Hypnobirthing; Holistic birth and doula services.

How was your business born:

The activation of my soul’s mission and catalyst for the birth of Harmonic Hypnobirthing began with my own positive and transformational journeys through pregnancy and childbirth.

I absolutely loved giving birth and wanted to share the joy of birth to women using the wonderful tools and wisdom of the Hypnobirthing Australia program.

Passionate about:

I am passionate about supporting women and families to feel informed and empowered to create conscious and sacred pregnancy and childbirth experiences. My intention is for all women to trust in their bodies, their innate wisdom and feel prepared and excited to give birth rather than approach it from a place of fear.

Your Organic Life is:

  • Is waking up daily in gratitude, connecting to source and my own spirit.
  • Enjoying time with my family in nature, especially at the beach.
  • Sharing exercise, food, wine and fun times with soul family and friends.
  • Working on my business

Must have organic items for mum: Organic Rosehip Oil, Organic skincare Organic Hemp seeds

Must have organic items for your little ones: Herbal medicines and flower essences.

Inspired by your children to:

To always operate from my heart centre and to be a way shower for living through the values of love, joy, grace, peace and truth. I am inspired by my boys every day to be active in assisting the transformation of consciousness toward a more peaceful, equitable and abundant way of being for all of humanity and especially future generations.

Blessed by nature when:

I am swimming in freshwater creeks, waterfalls and the ocean, when I am in the presence of multiple rainbows and when I am a witness to the miracle of birth.

What is the most rewarding/inspiring thing about being a doula?

Holding space and being present with a woman at the point in her birth when she realizes that only she has the power to bring her baby earthside and the tremendous and profound personal power, beauty and wisdom she exudes at this time.

You can find Katie at

organic mum profile

Name: Kylie Davies

Place you call home: Central Coast, NSW

Mum to: Tilly (8), Poppy(6) and Tommy (3)

Creator/owner of (business): Hello Bliss : workshops, essential oils, ayurveda , meditation

How was your business born?

Two Years ago I decided it was time to follow my true path and start discovering myself, my heart and what makes it sing. This journey has facilitated an awakening to what really matters and somewhat lead me back to so many things I’ve loved over the years but never fully explored.

Studying aromatherapy, Ayurveda and dedicating my life to my asana and meditation practices re-shaped my world, and Hello Bliss is the means by which I can share this journey and these practices with others who are open and ready.

Selling essential oils and facilitating workshops and classes is fulfilling and definitely does not feel like “business”.

Passionate about:

  • Natural wellness and holistic living
  • Surfing and sunrises
  • Yoga and meditation
  • 3 x little squirrels
  • Your organic life is: 

    My organic life is one that is abundantly full and open to the wonders of this amazing world.

    By incorporating organic yogic lifestyle practices into my modern life, I am supported and able to find balance when external human existence present both challenges and magical joy.

    By going within I have the tools necessary to reflect and take responsibility for my actions, be that as a parent, in a relationship or within the community.

    Life is love x

    Must have organic items for mum:

    Beauty products such as body lotions and tampons, plus my supplies for overall wellness and health on a daily basis. Essential oils are typically included in most of my daily rituals and also used for my cooking and cleaning.

    Must have organic items for your little ones:

    For me natural and organic health care products are vital for my children. Daily we turn to natural remedies for first aid and wellness rather than turning habitually to the pharmacy or supermarket for these things.

    Inspired by your children to:

    Openly love and embrace playfulness daily.

    Blessed by nature when:

    I feel blessed by nature each and every day. When the sight of the sunrise or a mountain brings you to tears frequently, you know you are blessed!

    fashion revolution week

    Change is possible

    This week is Fashion Revolution Week – a week that sheds light on and works to create change in the way we source, produce and consume our textiles. It’s about ensuring safe, fair working conditions for factory workers globally and encouraging sustainability in fashion.

    I thought no better time than this week to share my story – after all, it’s a story of environmental and social responsibility – and it began 17 years ago when I stood alone starting a grassroots movement. Today I stand with many brands in a booming socially and sustainably responsible industry.

    My passion to bring a more sustainable approach to textiles inspired me to start Gaia. We began to raise awareness about the risks of conventional cotton to the environment and our skin, and have changed the way parents think about dressing their children.

    I have loved the journey (although of course it’s not been all sunshine – there’s been many a cloudy day) and have created a positive legacy for environmentally and socially responsible design and business practices. I’m truly proud to have birthed a brand that was a cornerstone for an industry that is today thriving.

    Change is possible. Your purchases make a difference. Learn more about how you can become involved and take responsibility at We can create a kinder, more gentle world.

    Love Annette

    live righteously

    I’m a little in love with Jason Mraz’s music at the moment and the lyrics from his song Live High resonate with me.

    Live high, live mighty, live righteously…

    For me (although I’m pretty sure his reference is different), it’s a mantra to be mindful in all my ways each and every day – mindful as a mother; protecting, nurturing, loving and inspiring my children, and mindful to be kind to the earth and to live as sustainably as possible.

    It reminds me why I love my business and why I love its name.


    Gaia is the Ancient Greek goddess for Mother Earth. From her fertile womb all life sprang.

    The name was also used by Doctor James Lovelock in the 1960s in his theory on the natural cycles working together to keep the earth healthy and support life.

    Lovelock claims human activity has pushed gaia to its limit.

    We cannot ignore that our daily actions have impact. It is this responsibility, as well as my love for design and creating beautiful organic cotton babywear for your babes to wear, that inspires me.

    The name gaia reminds me of our need to protect Mother Earth.

    In my work and my life, gaia is a daily motivation to be environmentally and socially responsible.

    It is my way of gifting future generations with the most precious treasure I can …a beautiful, healthy earth to inherit.

    Thank you so much for helping me and gaia nurture our world and its babes. Together we are creating a brighter today and tomorrow.

    X Annette

    who made my clothes

    We are joining the Fashion Revolution, a global movement to raise awareness about the true cost of fashion. On 24 April 2013, 1133 people were killed and over 2500 injured when the Rana Plaza factory complex collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Sadly social and environmental catastrophes in the fashion supply chains continue. That’s why we are speaking up and helping to spread the word that change is possible. We want to celebrate all those involved in creating a more sustainable future for fashion. Fashion Revolution Week isn’t until April 2017, but we figure there is no time like the present to raise our voices. We’ve proudly been practising environmentally and socially aware business for 17 years. This week we are inviting you behind the scenes to meet one of our makers.

    Proudly Introducing: Mrs Che Su Yan Age: 53 Do you have children?: Yes one.

    Are you the main income provider in your family? No.

    Describe you education: I finished high school.

    What is your role in creating a garment for gaia organic cotton? Quality inspection from beginning to end of production and sampling.

    Describe a typical day of work for you? I work 8 hours a day

    How did you start working in this industry? When I finished high school I started sewing as I enjoy sewing.

    How long have you been in this role: sewing and QC together 35 years.

    What is your passion? Creating clothes and sewing.

    What is your greatest dream? To own a factory.

    How does your work help you live the life you want to? It gives me and my family extra money to enjoy.

    organic mum profile

    Name: Aimie Orgias

    Place you call home: Copacabana , NSW

    Mum to: Mika, Mali and Koru

    Creator/owner of (business): InRhythm & Inspired Retreats and Events

    How was your business born? I created a weekly women’s gathering called The Circle with a friend. It was an opportunity for women to gather together, share their stories and facilitate a workshop sharing their passions and inspiration. Many women came each week and it was a safe space where you could be authentic with how you felt and also a place of inspiration. The last gathering of the term we invited young maidens to join the circle. This gathering created community and strong connections. I decided to create a weekend women’s retreat where we could participate in workshops and circles all weekend. My daughter Mika asked when she could come along and so The Mother Daughter Retreat was born.

    Tell us a little about your business… We now run regular retreats including Women’s , Mother Daughter, Mother Son, Drumming and Mindfulness. The retreats are an opportunity to participate in beautiful creative workshops, build connections, relax and experience community living. My husband and I also run a company called InRhythm -we run therapeutic drumming and mindfulness workshops for corporate events, schools, communities and training. Drumming brings you into the present moment allowing you release tension and anxiety. it builds confidence and connection to yourself and to others and it creates community ….and is heaps of fun!!

    Passionate about: Being in the moment and enjoying all that life has to offer. I love encouraging others to shine their light. Ultimately I believe we are here to love and be loved.

    Your organic life is: Exactly that – allowing life to be organic, natural and going with what is. Enjoying each moment from the sun on my face to those chaotic moments when everything feels crazy – the car is a mess, can’t find something, the kids aren’t getting ready for school. This is a beautiful time in our lives and one big beautiful organic mess.

    Must have organic items for mum: Coconut oil, it’s good for everything!

    Must have organic items for your little ones: Organic Weetbix – my little Aussie sons love their Weetbix. If I can’t avoid wheat it may as well be organic !

    Inspired by your children to: let them teach me as much as I teach them and to love

    Blessed by nature when: the sunlight makes its way into the house and shines its light in a beautiful way. I am blessed!

    To get in contact with Aimie and to learn more about her retreats visit and go to retreat page . You can also email her on or find her on facebook at Aimie Orgias