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organic mum profile

Name: Aimie Orgias

Place you call home: Copacabana , NSW

Mum to: Mika, Mali and Koru

Creator/owner of (business): InRhythm & Inspired Retreats and Events

How was your business born? I created a weekly women’s gathering called The Circle with a friend. It was an opportunity for women to gather together, share their stories and facilitate a workshop sharing their passions and inspiration. Many women came each week and it was a safe space where you could be authentic with how you felt and also a place of inspiration. The last gathering of the term we invited young maidens to join the circle. This gathering created community and strong connections. I decided to create a weekend women’s retreat where we could participate in workshops and circles all weekend. My daughter Mika asked when she could come along and so The Mother Daughter Retreat was born.

Tell us a little about your business… We now run regular retreats including Women’s , Mother Daughter, Mother Son, Drumming and Mindfulness. The retreats are an opportunity to participate in beautiful creative workshops, build connections, relax and experience community living. My husband and I also run a company called InRhythm -we run therapeutic drumming and mindfulness workshops for corporate events, schools, communities and training. Drumming brings you into the present moment allowing you release tension and anxiety. it builds confidence and connection to yourself and to others and it creates community ….and is heaps of fun!!

Passionate about: Being in the moment and enjoying all that life has to offer. I love encouraging others to shine their light. Ultimately I believe we are here to love and be loved.

Your organic life is: Exactly that – allowing life to be organic, natural and going with what is. Enjoying each moment from the sun on my face to those chaotic moments when everything feels crazy – the car is a mess, can’t find something, the kids aren’t getting ready for school. This is a beautiful time in our lives and one big beautiful organic mess.

Must have organic items for mum: Coconut oil, it’s good for everything!

Must have organic items for your little ones: Organic Weetbix – my little Aussie sons love their Weetbix. If I can’t avoid wheat it may as well be organic !

Inspired by your children to: let them teach me as much as I teach them and to love

Blessed by nature when: the sunlight makes its way into the house and shines its light in a beautiful way. I am blessed!

To get in contact with Aimie and to learn more about her retreats visit www.inrhythm.com.au and go to retreat page . You can also email her on aimie@inrhythm.com.au or find her on facebook at Aimie Orgias