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organic mum profile

Name: Sonia Romeyn

Place you call home: North Avoca

Mum to:Sahri (15) Jabin (11) Indali (9)

Creator/owner of (business):Nurtured Earth OrganicsandMother Daughter/Son Retreats and Events ( no set business name yet and it's 4years old!)

How was your business born?Nurtured Earth was born from the desire (and responsibility) to feed my family the very best food as close to nature as possible ( non-toxic). I had no yard to grow food, and a tight budget due to dropping to a single income! I had to become creative and resourceful! The business started as a co-op with a friend within our Steiner playgroup and it then evolved slowly over 11 years and gained a business partner 3 years ago.

The retreat business was born with a beautiful sista and her daughter. We wanted to create life long memories with our own daughters and support others in doing the same. To connect through fun, nurturing, and creative experiences. We booked a space- invited friends and it has grown very well from there!

Passionate about:Health - not just regarding the food we eat but also through nourishing the soul through learning, nature, movement, alone time AND community - helping community, connecting community and immersing myself within community.

Your organic life is: Full and messy!

Must have organic items for mum: Apples, clean filtered water and skincare.

Must have organic items for your little ones:In our home it is fruit and veg, clean filtered water, sunscreen and undies! I’m also a little obsessed with healthy yet yummy party food at their birthday parties. (scarring them perhaps!)

Inspired by your children: To be present, smile and take better care of the earth.Also to adapt, create and grow along side them- when they were toddlers I taught kids yoga, then tween yoga and now we are soon to run our first teenage mother and daughter retreat.

Blessed by nature: With the change of the seasons..... enjoying the changing scenery, changing adventures, changing energy, and mostly the changing foods! Blessed for apples in winter then stone fruits in summer! Oooh AND avocado season!